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* BE YOUR OWN BOSS- Owning your own business offers you the freedom that working for someone
else does not. At the same time you still have the assistance of a supporting organization.

*DEALERSHIP SYSTEM AND SUPPORT. In a highly competitive world, dealerships provide the edge. Dealers invest this experience of a successful creator and so avoid many of the difficulties encountered in starting business from scratch.

*DIRECT REWARDS- The time and effort spent working brings income directly to the dealership, not to a corporation or group of absentee owners.

*EQUITY BUILDING- The growth of the business builds equity as a strong customer base is build and equipment is paid off.

* FAMILY OPPORTUNITIES- Your own business allows you to have your family assist in the operation of the business, and perhaps someday be transferred to children.

* COMMUNITY STATUS- Business owners are often highly regarded in the community and become leaders in community projects and organizations.

* RIGHT PRODUCT- By providing high quality services, you will be satisfying the need of almost every other business.

* ESTABLISHED COMPANY- Nova Review Inc. was established in 1981.

* RIGHT SIZED COMPANY- We are not so large that you feel like "just another number." You receive personal attention form the company top management and are not excluded from prime markets as may be the case with large multimedia dealerships.

*TRAINING AND SUPPORT- Seventeen days instruction at a training center along with 5 days of opening assistance prepare you to open your center. On-going support includes 2 additional operational visits in the first year as well as written and phone consultation via our toll free 800 "Help Line" for your business operation questions.

* UP-SCALE IMAGE- Our four-color logo brings attention to your center and sets the stage for the attractive lobby area and quality production capabilities.

* ADVANCED EQUIPMENT PACKAGE - The equipment package is specifically selected to allow you to provide full service capabilities to businesses. a considerable advantage over may other centers.

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