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METHOD OF OPERATION- As an owner of a Nova Review Dealership, you will learn our
proven methods of operation and business strategies formulated over many years.

Nova Media President Thomas J. Rundquist, founded his first corporation in 1971. The general business practices, production techniques, and the marketing programs which form the basis of the Nova Review Dealership system were developed by Mr. Rundquist and his associates during the operation of his business.

To save you the vast amounts of money and time that can be wasted pursuing the wrong goals and using the wrong equipment, we will teach you from the start what systems work and how to get the most from your business efforts.

SITE SELECTION- A quality location is of prime importance. By using demographic information, our site location criteria, and a personal visit by a member of our management team, we assist in finding the best possible location available. Many companies neglect this personal visit, but it is only the beginning of our personal attention to your success.

LEASE NEGOTIATION- Negotiation of the terms of your lease is guided by a member of our management team. Valuable tools such as our Addendum to Lease, Letter of Intent, and Landlord Information Packet help to make this a smooth process..

EQUIPMENT AND FINANCING- With the assistance of our management staff, your equipment package will be selected according to our precise specifications. You will be assisted in preparing applications for an equipment financing program through our recommended lenders or one of your own..

TRAINING- We will train two persons prior to the opening of your center for a period of seventeen days at our training facility. The training program includes the operation of the equipment, pricing methods, general business procedure including purchasing, pricing, invoicing, credit and collection, copy layout, personnel management, advertising, marketing, and effective methods and techniques for selling the related services. You will also review the delivery of your equipment package and the steps to prepare your center to open. Preliminary plans will be made for your Grand Opening and ongoing marketing strategies.

GRAND OPENING ASSISTANCE- You will open your center with the assistance of a 5 day visit by a member of our management team. We will help you to open your center on the right foot by assisting with equipment installation, employee training, center set-up, inventory ordering, and marketing strategies. Telephone consultation is available to ensure that all of your questions are answered as they come up before your opening week.


DIRECT MAIL PROGRAM- Included in your opening assistance package is a Grand Opening direct mail campaign to approximately 2000 businesses in your market area. This is followed up by five more direct mail campaigns over the next 12 months, each to approximately 2000 businesses, to assist you in building your center sales. These direct mail pieces are designed with colorful design to attract attention and generate business.

OPERATIONAL ANALYSIS VISITS- After your first six weeks in business, you will receive a personal visit to analyze the results of your opening operations efforts. You will also receive a second follow-up visit within the critical first year of your operation to assist you in evaluating your progress.

KEEPING YOU INFORMED- To make sure that you are current with the latest information on our system, you will receive periods newsletters, and information mailings or Faxes. You will be kept up-to-date on changing technology, new purchasing opportunities for supplies and equipment, marketing tips, and general system information. Telephone consultation on our toll free 800 "Help Line" is available to assist you with any operational questions that you may have.

ON-GOING SUPPORT- The following are the key management personnel who will be providing you with their knowledge and experience to help you build your business:

Thomas J. Rundquist
Founder, and Chief Executive Office. Mr. Rundquist has served as President and Chief Executive Office of the company and its predecessors in 1971 when he started Half Way Press Inc.

Mr. Rundquist experience in counseling and publishing is the basis for the system of today's dealerships.

He holds a Masters Degree in Counseling, and a Bachelors in English as well as extensive experience in a variety of business and government positions. He is also an author or editor of many well received publications over the last twenty years and listed in directories of experts on a national basis.

Deborah Wade of
Vice President of Computer Information Services. Mrs. Wade has 30 years experience in computer related areas and is well versed in computer design. She attended Computer Graduate School and is mostly self educated.

William Steelman
Support Specialist. Mr. Steelman has attended various technical colleges in computer service and repair. He has also worked in photography and Television Broadcast Video Production.

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