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Nova Review is an exciting multimedia company that offers a host of different services like corporate and educational testing for prevention and litigation, therapeutic games such as Drug Culture Monopoly, and educational games such as the AIDS Trivia Game.

Please use the menu to the left to browse through the many services that we offer. If you have any questions, please contact us at trund@netonecom.net.

The Heavenly Gold Card is a PR card that looks like a religious or community spirited credit card.

The card provides fund-raising for community organizations to make custom cards with an individuals name on it. The Heavenly Gold Card may also be used for courtesy rewards with community merchants.

You can even use the Heavenly Gold Card image to create a REAL Capital One credit card!*
Non-profit organizations can earn rewards for member purchases!

Check out below how you can make this unique opportunity work for your organization or business. It's that easy.

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* Subject to credit approval through Capital One. Nova Media, Inc. is not a lender and does not provide a line of credit to customers.

    PISM - Psychological Index of the Stock Market    

Thomas J. Rundquist of Nova Counseling Associates Inc., developed a research publication that can help evaluate & build confidence in investors. His tests are in Mental Measurements Yearbook. He has had articles in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Management Smarts May 1997 and Public Relations Society of America’s Trendwatch’s Tactics June 1997. Tom is www.roundtablegroup.com/scholar. He has been on Michigan Democratic Policy/ Platform Committees.

The Psychological Index of the Stock Market uses his graduate school training in Counseling and his experience as a Registered Rep. (NASD), with securities license, while in graduate school. He developed the original publication at that time and used University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research Library. He has analyzed the Stock Market since 1968.

The PISM has 9 pages of websites and other related information for the investor to learn how to invest as the pros such as Chartered Financial Analysts. Mutual Funds use CFA’s.

A PDF version of the PISM with ISBN: 978-1-884239-79-3 can be downloaded immediately by ordering through PayPal for $49.95. Simply click one of the links below to procede with your payment.

Racial Attitudes Survey
(Also see our Cultural Diversity Test which includes RAS)

Racial Attitudes Test

Master Reproducable original (C) 2004 pap. $29.95 (1-884239-62-5) Nova Review.Booklets are able to be used with scan sheets like NCS.

This test is for those interested in measuring race relations. This computer-administered survey comprised of questions on Physical, Ego Strength (Dominance, Control, Anxiety, Ethnic, General Social, and on the Job), also rates attitudes from Boss to Marriage Partner in terms of social/sexual contact. Also, the data on an anonymous basis compiles traits as to age, sex, martial status, race, education and other traits.

The RAS was reviewed in "Mental Measurements Yearbook, 16th Edition 2005" , and has been used by sociologists, public relations professionals, and educators studying prejudice and racial (also ethnic) views of any selected grouping. Greatly improved since then by psychologists in California for their thesis.

Download-able shareware version available for only $25.00!  CLICK HERE for our full list of shareware titles.

Nova Review will donate $2.00 per order to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

We now have a seperate website dedicated to the Racial Attitude Survey. You can even take the survey online for free! Click here -> http://www.racialattitudesurvey.com to visit the new site and take your test.

Cultural Diversity Test

Nova's Cultural Diversity test is for use in the workplace or school setting to help understand employees and/or students attitudes toward cultural diversity.

The test is comprised of 189 questions spanning across 5 subsections.

  • Background Questions
  • Attributional Style Questionnaire
  • Attitudes Toward Diversity Scale
  • Discriminatory Response Questionnaire
  • Racial Attitudes Test
The test can be administered using general purpose NCS answer sheets (form #4521).

If you are interested in performing statistical analysis on the test results, but don't want to purchase expensive software to do it, there are many FREE software alternatives available for download HERE.

Nova Media offers statistical analysis services for $2.00 per test with a 100 test minimum. Please send an email to trund@netonecom.net if you are interested in these services.

Click here to see a sample of the Cultural Diversity Test.

We now have a seperate website dedicated to the Cultural Diversity Test. You can even take the test online for free! Click here -> http://www.culturaldiversitytest.com to visit the new site and take your test.

Terrorism (Counter)Survival Tactics
- For New Entrepreneurs: An Outline for a Living Economic Style

We are talking survival for you and your family in a terrorist world. Vietnam had no front lines. You were at danger anywhere. That is what we are facing now. Author Thomas Rundquist offers his knowledge and experiences in showing you how you and your family can survive.

This publication is based on his personal experience and research while training as an Army ROTC Infantry Officer and as a Counselor of criminals for Wayne Country Sheriff's Dept at the Jail in Detroit Michigan during the 1970's. If he had not had the training as an Infantry Officer before working for the Sheriff's Dept as a Social Investigator, he would not have survived.

Now you can learn how to survive our tomorrows. You can purchase the full version from Amazon.com or write to Mr. Rundquist at trund@netonecom.net and ask to the full version. Your ability to survive the coming dangerous hard times will be based on your immediate actions. Good luck, God Bless your efforts and America's will to fight.

Nova Review will donate $2.00 per order to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fun

Religious Intolerance Test

10p. (Orig.).(C). 2001.(1-884239-62-5) $29.95

In these difficult times this test provides a teaching tool for educators and corporations as well as governments. Why do we have terrorism? Is it not that we are unwilling to tolerate other views or religion?

Well here is a psychological test that can help gage intolerance.

Religious Intolerance Test can be purchased in our new online store. Click here

Nova Review will donate $2.00 per order to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fun

The Erotic Cyclic Forecast is the "Dow Industrial" of Love.

The forecast was designed by a marriage counselor that has 30 years of experience in marriage and family improvement counseling.

Fund Indicator

The Erotic Cyclic Forecasts fund indicator is like the Dow, except for helping couples' love activities. The ECF is the indicator of love, helping predict when a mate will be sexually more receptive, based on 30 years of counseling files.

The ECF also helps businesses (restaurants, resorts, bars, etc.) predict when they will be most profitable and when to have more employees scheduled to handle the crowd. This helps the bottom line.
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List Your Art Website!

Artists can list their web sites on www.novamediainc.com where we get 11,000 to 20,000 plus file transfers a month.

Nova Media Inc. is a Limited Edition Print Publisher that has Thomas Rundquist’s original art and prints featured on our site. This site is one of the oldest in the Midwest of the United States and has won an award for being one of the most linked web sites internationally.
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Drug Culture Monopoly

42p. (Orig.). 1995. pap. text ed. $30.95 (1-884239-04-8) Nova Review

A drug education and prevention game (pseudo-Monopoly-style) that was based on real-life experiences of the criminals and addicts of Detroit. Does not include the text materials.

For complete version: Game rules, social and psychological aspects of substance abuse, implications for rehabilitation, debriefing questions, and luck and bust cards are available, e-mail trund@netonecom.net

Download-able shareware version available for only $15.00!  CLICK HERE for our full list of shareware titles.