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Many prospective dealers have similar questions about our dealership. Below we have addressed some of these questions. Hopefully our answers will assist you in your decision making process.

Is it wise for me to go into a business that I know very little about?
Almost all of our dealers have had no previous banking experience. Our extensive training program is designed to teach you all facets of the business and give you a step-by-step operating plan. The most important prerequisite is a strong desire to provide your customers with outstanding service. You should enjoy dealing with people, both customers and employees and making decisions.

Who sets the prices for my products and services?

We will provide you with a complete recommended pricing system based upon our research of your market and our experience. In addition, we are available by phone for consultation on large or special project estimates. However, the final retail price decisions are yours.

How many employees will I need?
Initially, you will need to hire only a computer operator. During the second month you will add an additional person to wait on customers and / or make sales calls. As your business grows, you will hire additional employees as need for copy, desktop publishing, and other areas. We provide guidelines to help you identify when the next employee is necessary and for what position.

Are there already too many Credit Cards?
Good industries naturally generate competition. Yes there are lots of quick resume shops. However there are not enough offering high quality products with outstanding service.

Can I expect to make money in this business if I do everything right?
We can not make earning predictions or predict what may happen in the future. We can say there are people like yourself who have taken control of their own destiny by obtaining dealership in this field and have done very well. Your success primarily depends on your own efforts and your willingness to follow the system. If you are the kind of person who need to do everything your own way, dealerships are probably not for you. The following of a proven operating system is a major reason for the success of dealerships.

As your questions are answered and your investigation continues, more questions will arise. WE URGE YOU TO CALL US WITH THESE QUESTIONS! We want you to fully understand the MULTIMEDIA industry and, in particular, the Nova Media program before you make your final decision.

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