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Fill out completely and return the Qualification Report that is enclosed in the packet. THIS IS NOT A CONTRACT AND DOES NOT CAUSE EITHER PARTY TO INCUR ANY OBLIGATION. Please complete all sections and be sure to sign the form. All information will be treated confidentially and does not obligate you in any way.

CALL US AT ANY TIME THAT YOU HAVE A QUESTION OR DO NOT UNDERSTAND SOMETHING THAT IS MENTIONED IN ANY OF OUR INFORMATION.Call and visit any of our existing locations. We are very proud of the people in our system and their centers.

Once we have received your Qualification Report, we will send to you our Dealership Offering Form, which describes our program in much greater detail.

The next step is for you to schedule a visit to our headquarters to meet with our key management personnel. You will also visit a center in operation and talk to a dealer. At this time we will thoroughly review our complete dealership package with you and answer any questions that you may have. There will be no obligation to sign anything at this meeting.

Once you have made your decision to affiliate with us and you have been accepted as a dealer, the Deposit Agreement is signed and returned to us with a $30,000 deposit. Upon receipt, the actual Dealership Agreement is prepared and sent to you to be signed and returned. At the time the financing for your center is approved, you will make a second payment of the dealership Fee and a site selection visit will be scheduled.


Once the Dealership Agreement is executed, your training session and site selection visit can be scheduled. You will also received the Pre-Opening Manual to assist you in the initial phases of opening your center. Listed below is an appropriate estimate of time for your Nova Media MultiMedia Center open to happen.. Certain circumstances, such as extended lease negotiation, relocation, buildout, or other events may sometimes cause delay.
From Signing
** Receive Pre-Opening Manual 1 Week
** Site Selection Visit 3-6 Weeks
** Training Starts 4-10 Weeks
** Lease Is Signed 6-12 Weeks
** Begin Tenant Buildout 7-12 Weeks
** Equipment Arrives 10-15 Weeks
** Center Opens-Grand Opening Visit 12-16 Weeks
** 6 Week Operations Visit

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