Terrorism (Counter)Survival Tactics
- For New Entrepreneurs: An Outline for a Living Economic Style

47p. (Orig.). (C). 2001.(1-884239-57-9) $29.95

We are talking survival for you and your family in a terrorist world. Vietnam had no front lines. You were at danger anywhere. That is what we are facing now. Author Thomas Rundquist offers his knowledge and experiences in showing you how you and your family can survive.

This publication is based on his personal experience and research while training as an Army ROTC Infantry Officer and as a Counselor of criminals for Wayne Country Sheriff's Dept at the Jail in Detroit Michigan during the 1970's. If he had not had the training as an Infantry Officer before working for the Sheriff's Dept as a Social Investigator, he would not have survived.

Now you can learn how to survive our tomorrows. You can either click on the Amazon Honor System and purchase a condensed version of this must have publication, or you can purchase the full version from Amazon.com or write to Mr. Rundquist at trund@netonecom.net and ask to the full version. Your ability to survive the coming dangerous hard times will be based on your immediate actions. Good luck, God Bless your efforts and America's will to fight.

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