The Heavenly Gold Card is a PR card that looks like a religious or community spirited credit card.

The Heavenly Gold Card image can be (and has been) used to create custom cards with a client's or possible customer's name on it.

  • It can provide a fund-raising opportunity for community organizations

  • It can be used for courtesy rewards with community merchants

  • It can be used as a door opener for cold calling by a salesman or PR executive - it has proven merit.

  • Using Capital One's Card Lab Connect you can even upload the image and use it as a REAL credit card! *

          - Non-profit groups can earn rewards like a $25 donation after the first purchase on each new account
          - Non-profit groups can also earn 1% cash back donations on all purchases made.

  • If a religious, socially conscious client is given one by you, he will remember you.

  • A secretary that screens out unknown salesman, may be more likely to let you in.
The designer of the card, (TR)Tom Rundquist worked as a computer salesman doing cold calling and has tried this card with a prominent PR executive. The executive was going to speak at a gathering and Tom wanted to make a good impression. He mailed one of the Heavenly Gold Cards to the executive - personalized with his name on it - prior to the meeting. When the executive came to the meeting, he spent much time talking about this card he had received and also about Tom.

Tom not only was opening the door with possible business with that VIP, but all of the people at the meeting were impressed by TR's ability with this simple device. It opened up doors with a number of executives that were at the meeting. You can also check out other cards and designs at these links:
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This design has been copyrighted by Tom Rundquist. The image is available for purchase through PayPal for $99.95. Please click the buy now button to proceed to the PayPal payment page.

Heavenly Gold Card image - $99.95 - Pay now using PayPal

* Subject to credit approval through Capital One. Nova Media, Inc. is not a lender and does not provide a line of credit to customers.

ATTENTION: Angel, Venture Capitalists, or Credit Card Partners

We are open to exploring a joint marketing contract. We are in Franchise Annual and Business Opportunities Magazine for this Heavenly Gold Card. We have been approached by corporations in Africa and Indonesia expressing interest in this concept. We also receive several calls a month from other interested firms.

Please email Tom Rundquist for additional information.


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